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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CASA Cares?

CASA Cares is the grant program of CASA Minnesota, a nonprofit public charity.  CASA Cares is dedicated to providing grants to benefit the growth, development, and well-being of foster children in the child protection system.


Does a child who has been reunited with his/her family with continued court supervision qualify for a grant?

No.  Grants are made only to children who are living in foster care.  We are not able to fund requests for children who are living with their parent(s), even if they remain under juvenile court jurisdiction.


Who may apply for a grant on behalf of a child?

Applications can be the child’s GAL, social worker, foster parent, relative caregiving, or a child could also apply on their own behalf.  Grants are available for children with open cases in Hennepin and Ramsey counties.


What supporting materials should accompany the grant application?

  • A program brochure, price list, or and documentation that describes the goods or services
  • If the item or activity exceeds the grant amount, a statement of how the remainder of the cost will be provided
  • Caregiver Support Statement
  • Caregiver Agreement to Conditions of Grant
  • Required letters/statements for technology requests
  • If the child is over 10, a short written statement from the child about how he or she will benefit from the grant

(Please refer to the application information form and application checklist for details)

How much may I ask for?

We consider grant requests with a maximum of $500.00.


What kind of goods or services will you fund?

We provide foster children with items or activities that are not already paid for by public funds such as music lessons, dance lessons, camps, tutoring, and collect SAT/ACT prep courses.  Items such as bikes, senior class yearbooks, senior prom needs, and class pictures may have a pre-determined maximum allowance.


How do I know if public funding is available?

Children in foster care are supported through a combination of federal, state, and county funds.  Please check with the child’s social worker to help determine public funding.


If the county has funding for services, but it takes months to process and the child needs it now – may I still apply for a grant?

Yes, we will review funding requests that would ordinarily be supported by public funding, if the time required to access these public funds denies the child the benefit of the goods or services.


Can you give me grant money directly and upfront to spend on behalf of a foster child?

No.  We will only make vendor payments for items or activities requested.


May I spend my own money on behalf of a child and then submit an application for reimbursement?

No.  CASA Cares will only reimburse for items or activities that have been approved in advance.  We will reimburse once all receipts and documentation are received.  We will reimburse in the amount of the approved grant only.


May I request funds to purchase birthday or holiday gifts?

No.  CASA Cares limits grants to items or activities that will contribute to the long-term growth and development of the child.


Can I get a grant immediately if there is a deadline?

In exceptional circumstances, CASA Cares will review emergency applications.  Please be sure to note the need and deadline clearly on the application form.


I still have more questions.  How do I contact you?

Please send us an email at

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